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This book will provide all of the necessary information, in precise format, to grow very potent medical grade cannabis. It will also provide all of the details on the breeding of advanced strains that will be superior to any others. This book will allow you to compete in the Cannabis Cup and be a contender.

One of the most detailed and comprehensive books about advanced breeding, especially in polyploids.

Learn how to develop, breed and grow quads AAAA quality medicinal marijuana. You will even learn how to create a strain more potent than any existing strains.

This textbook is for students of any classes taught within these categories: genetics/biology/botany/advanced cannabis growing. It contains advanced concepts in genetics but includes the necessary background information for the student to comprehend the material without having to refer to other material. It contains information not found anywhere else and includes a photo gallery for identifying and exhibiting the anomalies of polyploids including polyploid cannabis plants. For advanced students.

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